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International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Scholarship

How to Make the Right Scholarship Motivation Letter

How to Make the Right Scholarship Motivation Letter – Motivation Letter is usually called a statement of purpose, which in short is a document that is needed to apply for a scholarship. Of course, the motivation letter contains our interest and reasons for the scholarship that we are applying for.

That is a brief understanding of the motivation letter. So, what must be filled in when making a motivation letter so that it is interesting so that we can get the scholarship that we are applying for? Check out the explanation as follows:


1. Briefly describe your personal data

2. Describe your educational background. Usually a motivation letter is made because of the need to get a scholarship

3. Write down the achievements or experiences you have achieved

4. Describe the skills or abilities you have.

5. Explain why you applied for the scholarship. Explain clearly and honestly without rambling

6. Explain why you are eligible for the scholarship

7. Describe your future when you get the scholarship.

That's what must be filled in when making a motivation letter. Of course, those who have never made one will feel confused about how to write the correct scholarship motivation letter. Here are the steps to take:


Here are tips and tricks that can help you write a good and correct motivation letter:

1. When writing the background and work should be in line. This is because recruiters will certainly see your interest and consistency.

2. Use good and correct grammar. Don't use verbose or exaggerated language that depicts arrogance, but don't show that you're a pessimist either.

3. Write a structured motivation letter and give an interesting brief explanation.

4. Write and describe your strengths that set you apart from other candidates

5. Explain your goal and write it in a concise manner so you deserve it

6. Differentiate the Motivation Letter for each purpose. Avoid repeated creations because every time you apply for each scholarship, it is certainly different

7. Write down your shortcomings if you have them, but also include you are still the best from other candidates.

There are several things to avoid when writing a Motivation Letter.

If you are required to write a motivation letter, keep in mind that there are several things to avoid in writing, such as:

1. Incorrect grammar. When you have finished making it would be better to check again

2. Do not use informal language. Avoid slang because it will make you unprofessional

3. Not confident. Making a motivation letter must describe your confidence, that you are worthy of consideration.

4. Complaining and blaming the conditions/circumstances. In writing, avoid writing about complaints or blaming conditions when writing weaknesses. Better yet, you have to show solutions and plans for a better future.

That's how to write a motivation letter that is the right scholarship and you can try to do it. Hopefully this is useful for prospective scholarship applicants.